Manas Mangesh Raut is suffering from Acute Lymphocytic Leukema – Cancer please support him for his treatment….

My son is fighting a deadly disease Acute Lymphocytic Leukema - Cancer. I have exhausted all my saving for his treatment and due to lockdown I have even lost my job. We need your support to get him treated. Kindly help us to save our child.”- Father

Master Manas Mangesh Raut is 11 years old  boy suffering from relapsed Acute Lymphocytic Leukema and needs to undergo chemotherapy & bone marrow transplant. Due to their financial condition they had been going door to door for financial support and hence could not treat Master Manas Mangesh Raut. His health started deteriorating day by day and they took him to Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital & Marathwada Medical & Research Institute, Aurangabad.  Doctors informed them that he requires an urgent chemotherapy & bone marrow transplant as early as possible. His father works as an office boy in a private office but due to lockdown he lost his job and his mother is a house wife. The approximate cost for the treatment of  Master Manas Mangesh Raut is Rs. 10,00,000/- for chemotherapy & bone marrow transplant.


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